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 Shaitan Avatar Bug

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PostSubject: Shaitan Avatar Bug   Shaitan Avatar Bug I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2012 10:40 pm

My ingame name is Gandolf.

Guys please dont purchase the Demon Shaitan Avatar from the NPC it will crash your game and you will loose your gold coins. The GM will NOT refund you.

With that now being said. I would like to plea my case. I tried to purchase the Shaitan armor 2 days ago and that exact thing happen to me. I was told that it was a "Known" bug and that it was my own fault and that it was posted in the forums and they announced it in game. Well when ever I tried to get to the forums from the website, it was a dead link and if it was announced in game and I wasnt online at the time to read it, then there was no way of knowing it was bugged unless I was online during one of the GM messages saying it was. Well I finally found the forums. I couldnt find anything on the shaitan avatar being bugged here in the forums. Do a search on the forums for Shaitan or avatar, nothing comes up.

Second of all if I knew it was bugged do you really think I would have risked 450 gold coins on it that took me almost a month to get? Well I wouldnt.

I really think you guys should hear me out and help me out and please get me either my gold coins back or the give me the avatar.

I feel robbed.

Think of it this way. You try to buy something you really wanted online. you pay for it but never get it. When you ask the people where your item is, they say oh well we told people on our webiste verbally the other day that those arent for sale anymore and you should know better than to buy it. So you get nothing. Its your fault. Shut up about it and go away.

How would that make you feel?

I love this server and as soon as I get some money I would love to donate to keep it running. But do think this encourages me to want to donate now?

Please GM's hear me out and help me out. I really had no way of knowing it was bugged. And since it is bugged, dont you think you either remove it or make it unpurchaseable threw the npc?

Thanks for reading this

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Shaitan Avatar Bug
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